Becker (y Bourdieu)

Aprovecho la flojera de estos momentos pa poner algo sobre Howard Becker. (ver su pag web. pa consultar su biografia, intereses y varios articulos). Especificamente, una entrevista realizada el 2006 por Alain Pessin a Becker en donde se discuten las semejanzas y diferencias entre los conceptos de mundo (Becker) y campo (Bourdieu).

(la foto: becker en su epoca de musico, en un bar de Chicago en 1950).

A Dialogue on the Ideas of "World" and "Field"

Howard S. Becker and Alain Pessin

Sociological Forum, 21 (2006), pp. 275-286

Alain Pessin: Howard Becker, the idea of "world," which you have explored fully in Art Worlds (1982), has aroused great interest among sociologists of art, in France as elsewhere in the world. It appears in many works, but one nevertheless has the feeling that the uses it is put to are not always very clear and do not do it justice. It is often minimized, reduced in its range and significance to the single positive virtue of cooperation. It is sometimes purely and simply denied in its specificity when it is finally turned into a more optimistic variant of what Pierre Bourdieu has called "field." Thus many authors, professionals as well as graduate students, think that the ideas of field and world are simply two interchangeable approaches which are equally useful in the same research project, one emphasizing conflict, the other the complementarity of actors and actions. In this view, sprinkling a little Becker on Bourdieu would produce good sociology, if only because it would make the world seem a little less desperate place. It seems to me that this would be too simple-minded, an insufficiently rigorous use of the idea of world. That's why I think it is time to clarify this idea, and to see, with you, how it differs from and is opposed to the idea of field.

Let's begin with this latter idea. What does the idea of field evoke for you?

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